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    Mar 20

    Region 10 Webinar: Learning to Love CMS Edits

    The rate at which the transition from volume to value-based payments is occurring at different rates across markets and providers. Moving too quickly or too slowly risks losing money in fee-for-service contracts or value-based payments.

    Apr 5

    Auto Insurance Billing and Physician Coding Workshop

    Presentation write up: MVA/TPL Party Claims - Getting Paid is No Accident Traditional collection tactics automatically assume a debt is valid and immediately assume the responsible party simply doesn't want to pay. This does not work in Motor Vehicle Acc


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    COHFMA provides a professional community of interest for all who engage in the financial management of healthcare. Through monthly meetings and other events, we meet together, assist one another and learn from experts in our field.

    COHFMA is an organization whose value to members is proven daily through a variety of resources and opportunities. Both the national and chapter organizations strive to bring perspective and clarity to the healthcare industry's complex issues. Through both chapter and national programs, publications and partnerships we work to enhance capabilities that strengthen not only individual careers, but the organizations from which our members come.

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    Chapter Officers

    As a volunteer organization, COHFMA is managed by an elected Executive Committee and Board of Directors. They organize events, oversee chapter finances and arrange for educational programs for the members.


    The lifeblood of the Colorado HFMA is its committee system. Chapter volunteers work through a wide array of committees that organize the chapter's programs, educational efforts and internal operations.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    If you would like to volunteer as a Colorado Chapter HFMA officer, committee member or serve in some other capacity, please complete the online form.