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    Mar 20

    Region 10 Webinar: Learning to Love CMS Edits

    The rate at which the transition from volume to value-based payments is occurring at different rates across markets and providers. Moving too quickly or too slowly risks losing money in fee-for-service contracts or value-based payments.

    Apr 5

    Auto Insurance Billing and Physician Coding Workshop

    Presentation write up: MVA/TPL Party Claims - Getting Paid is No Accident Traditional collection tactics automatically assume a debt is valid and immediately assume the responsible party simply doesn't want to pay. This does not work in Motor Vehicle Acc


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    Students need connections, resources, and opportunities to be successful in their studies as well as in their early careers. If you are a full-time college student and are not presently employed in the healthcare finance profession or one of its specialties, you are eligible for an HFMA Student e-Membership.

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