The Colorado HFMA Chapter has honored these individuals with Life Membership for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the chapter:

    • Milt W. Bollman, CPA

    • Herman H. Guenther, FHFMA

    • James J. Markuson, FHFMA

    • Hal L. Prink, FHFMA

    • Roger A. Weghorst, FHFMA, CPA

    • Jimmie A. Wilber, FHFMA

    Chapter Life Membership Award

    Chapter Life Membership may be conferred on a member to recognize outstanding accomplishments and contributions to a chapter. When an HFMA member in good standing fully retires, or reaches the age of 70, the chapter with which the member has been affiliated may recommend that Chapter Life Membership be conferred on the member. Since conferral of Chapter Life Membership requires the review and approval of the National Board of Directors, the following procedure should be followed by the chapter:

    1. The member must be an active member in good standing who has fully retired from employment, or who has attained the age of 70. This step may involve the chapter president working with HFMA's Membership & Chapter Services staff and with the individual.

    2. The chapter's board of directors must act to recommend conferral of Chapter Life Membership on an individual.

    3. The chapter president should write a letter to the Manager, Member Service Center (a) confirming chapter board action; (b) highlighting the individual's biographical information as to why the chapter is recommending Chapter Life Membership; (c) enclosing a chapter check for $175.00 covering five years of retired dues ($35.00 per year); and (d) recommending that HFMA's Board of Directors approve the conferral of Chapter Life Membership.

    If approved by the National Board, the chapter president will be notified and a Chapter Life Member certificate will be processed and sent to the chapter president. The chapter may then arrange to present the certificate to the individual at a subsequent chapter meeting.

    The Chapter Life Member is exempt from all further dues. An invoice (showing no money due) will be sent to the Chapter Life Member each year in order to keep HFMA's member information current.