The Colorado HFMA chapter includes in its membership the following individuals who've attained CHFP status:

    Cherilyn Barringer
    Curtis H. Bernstein, CPA/ABV
    Stephanie A. Davis
    Jean L. Deneen, CPA
    Suzanne M. DeVore, CPA
    Gina Eastin
    Gregg Fanselau
    Michael Gallimore
    Sanders Graham
    William E. Henderson
    Tina Hogeman, CPA
    Chad Holmes, CPA
    Gwyneth Howard
    Jennimarie Ingram
    Jessica J. Jones
    Ann King White, CPA
    George N. Leonis, MBA
    Lionel J. Montoya, MBAF
    Ksana K. Oglesby, CPA, CGMA, MBA
    William M. Pack
    Theodore K. Pokrywka
    Jeffrey Porter
    Bryan Roach, CRCR
    Kenneth S. Schreiner, CPA
    Ginette E. Sebenaler
    Mary Shaw
    Troy D. Spring
    Kristyn N. Ulrich
    Erin Ward
    Eric S. Wilberg

    The Colorado HFMA chapter also counts among its members a number of HFMA Fellows.

    Certifications Overview

    Becoming certified distinguishes you as a leader and high-level professional in the healthcare finance industry. It reflects a deep personal comitment and sense of accountability that inspires credibility and confidence in your professional knowledge. Through HFMA Certification Programs, you can show your dedication to high industry standards.

    HFMA offers several certifications. General information about available certifications is here, detailed information about each certification may be found:


    HFMA's Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP)

    The CHFP program has been updated to provide the broad range of business and financial skills essential for succeeding in today's high-value healthcare environment: 

    Business acumen
    Financial strategy
    Understanding future trends

    The new CHFP is geared toward financial professionals, clinical and nonclinical leaders, and payers – all those whose jobs require a deep understanding of the new financial realities of health care. The new CHFP program includes two modules (both modules must be successfully completed to earn the CHFP).  More Information.


    Certification Maintenance

    HFMA members who have earned either the Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) or Fellow of HFMA (FHFMA) designation must maintain their certification by meeting two basic requirements:

    • Remain an active HFMA member in good standing

    • Complete 60 contact hours in eligible education programs every three years (A contact hour is 50 minutes of continuous programming, excluding meals, breaks, or social activities.)



    You must show evidence of maintaining your CHFP or FHFMA designation every three years. Your three-year reporting period ends on May 31 of the "Good thru" year shown in your member record and begins on June 1 three years prior to your "Good thru" year.

    Failure to meet the maintenance requirements by May 31 of the "Good thru" year will result in removal of your designation on September 1 of the "Good thru" year. The designation must then be re-earned by successfully completing the required certification exams and meeting the other requirements for certification. Please note that failure to renew your HFMA membership can also lead to removal of your designation.

    It is your responsibility to self-report your education activities using the online reporting tool. The only activities that do not need to be self-reported are activities sponsored by HFMA National for which you have received CPE credit.

    View the requirements for Maintaining My Certification on National's webpage and download a list of eligible activities found on that page.


    Frequently Asked Questions - Additional information is available at

    For additional information, please contact Eric Wilberg at [email protected]


     CHFP MemberS