Mission, Quality and Values Statements

    Mission Statement

    Leading the financial management of Health Care.

    Quality Statement

    Quality is the foundation of the Association and the keystone of its efforts to ensure member and customer satisfaction. HFMA's objective is to:

    • Consistently provide services and products that meet the quality expectations of its members, customers, and employees.

    • Actively pursue a program of continuous quality improvement that enables employees and volunteers to do their jobs right the first time.

    • Quality is a major, strategic association goal. It lies at the heart of everything done for members and customers. HFMA strives continually to improve the quality of services and products offered, the processes and procedures used to produce them, and the manner in which they are delivered.

    Values Statement

    • We believe that service to members is our highest priority.

    • We believe in excellence in all that we do.

    • We believe that teamwork is essential in meeting the objectives of HFMA.

    • We believe in the importance of individuals.

    • We believe in encouraging innovation and creativity.

    • We believe in conducting HFMA with financial responsibility and a prudent approach to business.

    Code of Ethics

    As a member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, I will endeavor to promote the highest standards of professional conduct by:

    • Practicing honesty and maintaining personal integrity, including avoidance of conflicts of interest with those of my employer or the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

    • Striving for the objective and fair presentation of financial information.

    • Fostering excellence in healthcare financial management by keeping abreast of pertinent issues.

    • Maintaining the confidentiality of privileged information.

    • Promoting a greater understanding of financial management issues by others in the healthcare field, and seeking increased public understanding through communication about such issues.

    • Seeking to maintain a reasonable balance between the quality and cost of healthcare.