• 2013: Julie Keegan

    • 2012: David Ridley

    • 2011: Michele Olivier

    • 2010: John Gies

    • 2009: Mike Yont, CHFP

    • 2007: J. Verne Singleton

    • 2006: David Livingston, FHFMA

    Presidents' Legacy Award: Volunteer of the Year

    HFMA Colorado is dedicated to serving its members through superior educational programs, stimulating networking events and informative newsletters. The chapter succeeds only through the efforts of its dedicated volunteers who spend hundreds of hours ensuring our membership's needs are identified and addressed.

    The HFMA Colorado Presidents' Legacy Award recognizes and celebrates the significant volunteer work carried out throughout the year by the members of our chapter. The process outlined in this document assists the selection committee in carrying out the difficult task of identifying one key volunteer leader among many stars.

    Policy, Process and Eligibility Criteria

    1. HFMA Colorado will grant 1 official Volunteer of the Year Award and 2 Honorable Mentions.

    2. The HFMA Colorado Presidents' Legacy Award will be based on volunteer activity with HFMA during the past year. HFMA activity may be on a local, regional and/or national level.

    3. Any current member of the Colorado chapter may nominate another current member for the HFMA Colorado Presidents' Legacy Award. Current member means that HFMA National recognizes the nominating individual as a current member.

    4. Self-nomination is allowed provided that another current member signs off on the self-nomination.

    5. The HFMA Colorado Presidents Advisory Council (PAC) will evaluate all nominations and determine the winner and honorable mentions. The decision of the PAC is final. Should the nominee be a member of the PAC, the nominee will excuse herself/himself from deliberations and voting on her/his own nomination.

    6. The nominee must be an active current member of HFMA.

    7. The Colorado Chapter of HFMA must be one of the nominee's officially designated chapters.

    8. The HFMA Colorado Presidents' Legacy Award will be given to individuals only and is not to be considered a group award. Nominations must be by an individual, group nominations are not allowed.

    9. Nominations must be submitted by e-mail to the current chair (or co-chairs) of the PAC at the e-mail addresses indicated above. If you have any questions, direct them to Rich Cohan or Hal Prink.

    10. The cost for producing and presenting the HFMA Colorado Presidents' Legacy Award will be the responsibility of the HFMA Colorado chapter. HFMA Colorado may actively seek sponsors for the award to off-set these costs and provide additional gifts.

    11. Complete nomination forms must be submitted by March 1st of the current HFMA year to be considered.

    12. The HFMA Colorado Presidents' Legacy Award will be presented at the HFMA Colorado Annual Meeting normally held in April of the current HFMA year.