Policies and Procedures

    Following are the current Policies and Procedures of the Colorado HFMA Chapter:

     COHFMA.001 Provider Coupon Guidelines  Revised 02/14/14

      COHFMA.002 Speaker Fee Guidelines  Revised 04/25/14

      COHFMA.003 Collaborative Event Guidelines  Approved 06/01/13

      COHFMA.004 Collaborative Event Memorandum of Understanding  Revised 08/12/14

      COHFMA.005 Provider Sponsorship Program  Approved 06/01/13

      COHFMA.006 Consent Agenda  Approved 07/25/13

      COHFMA.007 Program Check List  Approved 07/25/13

      COHFMA.008 Speaker Data Sheet  Approved 09/18/13

      COHFMA.009 Officer Job Descriptions  Approved 09/18/13

      COHFMA.010 Speaker Letter  Approved 09/18/13

      COHFMA.011 Ground Rules for Meetings  Approved 09/18/13

      COHFMA.012 Non-Budgeted Education Program Expenditures  Approved 09/18/13

      COHFMA.013 Permission to Use Another Chapter or Organization's Membership List  Approved 02/14/14

      COHFMA.014 Educational Program Refunds  Approved 02/14/14

      COHFMA.015 President's Legacy Award for Volunteerism  Approved 02/14/14

      COHFMA.016 Member Travel and Other Expense Reimbursement Guidelines  Approved 02/14/14

      COHFMA.017 Committee Job Descriptions  Approved 04/25/14

      COHFMA.018 Membership Ambassador Program  Approved 02/14/14

      COHFMA.019 Investments  Revised 04/25/14

      COHFMA.020 Document (Record) Retention and Destruction  Revised 04/25/14

      COHFMA.021 Colorado HFMA Whistleblower Policy  Approved 04/25/14

      COHFMA.022 Chapter Office Manager Job Description  Approved 04/25/14

      COHFMA.024 Volunteer Coordinator  Approved 07/23/14

      COHFMA.025 Scholarship Program  Approved 09/26/14

      COHFMA Conflict of Interest