Chapter Leader Resource Page

    Chapters 2.0 Initiative

    Chapters 2.0 was undertaken to help HFMA face the challenge of continuing to sustain the high levels of performance delivered by chapters. 

    Learn more about Chapters 2.0 here.


    As a volunteer organization, Colorado HFMA is managed by an elected Executive Committee and Board of Directors. They organize events, oversee chapter finances and arrange for educational programs for the members. The officers for the 2019 — 2020 term are:


    Chad Krcil, FHFMA


    Pilar Mank
    Western Healthcare Alliance

    VP of Education

    Jonathan Wiik


    Tammy Rivera
    Bkd, Llp


    Scott Gunter
    Peakview Healthcare Solutions, LLC

    Asst Treasurer
    Michael Brown
    SCL Health System

    Past Chapter President

    Gina Eastin
    Yuma District Hospital

    Board of Directors

    Bragg Hemme
    Polsinelli, P.C.

    Board of Directors
    Jennimarie Ingram

    Board of Directors
    Natalie Lee
    Centura Health

    Board of Directors
    Janiece R. McNichols
    Centura Health

    Board of Directors
    Jeff Neisen
    SCL Health

    CHA Liaison

    Ryan Westrom
    Colorado Hospital Associaiton

    Chapter Operations Manager

    Jessica Griffith
    HFMA Colorado Chapter